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Looking for Free or Priceworthy Online Help System to keep track of your Time, Meetings, Activities in online Calendars? You will love us!


Projify offers an advanced calendar support. Each project can have any number of calendars for different purposes; as the project calendar, appointment calendar and booking of conference rooms.

Give a calendar a unique color, to more easily distinguish the different activities in the overview. You can also download a calendar with iCal format.

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Calendar week view

Take a look at planning in different views. There is support for day view, week view, month view. Use Drag-and-Drop to plan activities simply in time.

In the week view you can see details about activities more clearly.

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In a calendar, you can create activities. These are linked in time, starting and ending time. There is a name for the activity, place, agenda, participants.

A activity can be repeated according to a simple pattern. And it can also be an all-day activity.

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